Sisterhood Story: Hayden Munn

Hayden Munn is a sophomore from Tallahassee, Florida. She’s majoring in Business Administration with a minor in Sports Communication. Serving as the New Member Educator Assistant, Hayden has loved her time in Pi Phi. Not only is Hayden involved in our chapter, she spreads her talents all across campus!

Hayden is the AUDM Director of Campus Relations. AUDM is the Auburn University Dance Marathon, an organization that raises money for Children’s Miracle Network hospitals in the community. We have tons chapter members who volunteer with this organization each year, so we’re excited that Hayden represents us so well. She also is a volunteer at the Auburn Football Recruiting Office

She remembers being nervous going through recruitment, especially because her older sister, Grayson, was a Pi Phi. She was excited to learn about every chapter on campus but definitely felt most at home in Pi Phi. “I’ve never been happier than when my older sister got to pref me during recruitment” said Hayden. Bid Day was the best of all! Running home to Pi Phi, Hayden and Grayson were now not only real sisters, but sorority sisters as well!

During her time as a Pi Phi, Hayden has made countless memories and lifelong friends. “I’m lucky to have met so many amazing people in every pledge class and form relationships that will last forever” said Hayden.

Freshman year of college can be scary for anyone. Moving away from your family and friends can be stressful. Something that Hayden found comforting was knowing that everyone has been in your shoes. “I struggled a lot freshman year being out of state and away from all of my friends and family but now I wouldn’t trade it for the world!”

Being a part of Pi Phi has given Hayden many new friends and opportunities. “If you ever need someone to talk to, there are so many older girls that are here for you” said Hayden. Having a close sisterhood is something that we at Alabama Gamma pride ourselves on. We know that if someone is having a hard time, the whole chapter will be by their side.

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