Senior Shoutout- Rebecca Whiteman

A Sisterhood Shoutout is a time to show our appreciation to one of our senior sisters...this week's senior shoutout goes to Rebecca Whiteman! Here are some quotes from her best friend Hallie Hoch and pictues to help you learn more about our sweet senior Rebecca!


Rebecca is the sweetest & most perfect girl. She is so nice to everyone and makes every situation fun! She brings so much happiness to this chapter and especially to her best friend, Hallie Hoch. You will always find these two together, whether its in Auburn or studying abroad in Barcelona and traveling across the world.

During summer of 2019, Rebecca and Hallie were fortunate enough to study abroad in Barcelona and travel to different cities!

Hallie Hoch says "I can’t imagine college without Becky. She is always making me smile and laugh! She’s the best friend to everyone and my time at auburn is so much better because of her! I don’t ever want to graduate and leave each other but I know we will always be by each other’s sides."

Rebecca and Hallie have the type of friendship that everyone looks for during college. From game days, to recruitment, and even kayaking in the Blue Grotto in Capri Italy, they never fail to make the most out of every day. Rebecca and Hallie will both be missed so much and we can't wait to see all of the fun adventures they go on in the future!

if you want to keep up with Rebecca, follow her insta @Rebeccawhiteman_, and make sure to follow us at @auburnpibetaphi!!!