A Senior Shoutout is a time to show our appreciation to one of our senior sisters...this week's senior shoutout goes to Kendal Ingram!! Here are some quotes from her friend Kiki Coupland and pictures to help you learn more about our sweet senior Kendal!


Kendal Ingram is from Kiki's hometown in Phoenix, Arizona and went to the same high school as her. Kiki said, "I met her through my best friend's older sister and she is one of the sweetest people I know. She is so kind to everyone around her and she always has a smile on her face!" Just like Kiki, so many people in this sorority look up to Kendal. Whether you have known her for years or you just met her, she never fails to make you feel loved, appreciated, and important!

Kendal celebrating graduation with other seniors!!

Kendal in San Pedro, Belize in 2019

Pi Phi Palooza back in 2019!!

Kendal has such a positive impact on this sorority and we are so excited to continue to love and celebrate her as she moves into this next chapter of her life!!

if you want to keep up with Kendal, follow her insta @Kendal_ingram, and make sure to follow us at @auburnpibetaphi!!!