Internship Spotlight- Olivia Bryant

Meet Olivia!

Olivia is from Roswell, GA and is a junior majoring in Interior Design. This summer Olivia interned with a residential and hospitality interior design firm in Atlanta. A fun fact about her is her first pet was a tarantula!

Below, Olivia answers some questions about her internship!!


What is your internship?

I interned with a residential and hospitality interior design firm in Atlanta.

How did you find it/apply for it?

The firm is located in ADAC, which is filled with a ton of amazing showrooms and is a great hub for all things design. Through ADAC, I found Habachy Designs. I love their style, and I was really interested in getting experience in both residential and hospitality design. After both a phone interview and a face-to-face interview, I got the job!

Any specific things that make it special/ exciting for you?

It was so cool to get real life experience that you just cannot get in a classroom. I learned so much more this summer then I thought possible. The team really valued my ideas and my input, and I was able to work on some major projects. Not to mention, I also met a couple celebrities!

How do you like it?

I really loved the experience. I learned so much about design, client relations, and all the behind the scenes work that clients don’t see. My team challenged me and pushed me outside of my comfort zone, and I am becoming a better designer for it.

How do you stay confident and do your best work?

I know that the Interior Design program at Auburn is one of the best in the nation, and I know that they are preparing us extremely well for the industry. I also know that internships are supposed to be learning opportunities — you’re not supposed to know everything yet! I applied what I’ve learned in class, I did research on my own (one of the most important things, ever), and I asked questions. The environment at Habachy Designs is very cultivating and encouraging. It’s a great place to learn, work, and connect!

What are some tips for succeeding in this job?

Stay. Organized. I was only an intern and only working on a handful of projects, and it was still really overwhelming. It was a lot of work and a lot of things to keep track of! Each project had multiple space planning/floorplan versions, multiple material options, multiple FF&E options, different orders, samples to show clients, budgets, timelines, client requests, all kinds of logistics, etc. It was a lot to juggle, and staying organized was so helpful.


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