Internship Spotlight- Bess Tiller

Meet Bess Tiller!

Bess is from Baltimore, MD and is a rising junior majoring in Supply Chain. This summer Bess is interning in Owings Mills, MD working for Centric Business Systems. A fun fact about her is she studied abroad in Barcelona spring semester of 2020!

Below, Bess answers some questions about her internship!!


What is your internship?

I am the purchasing intern for Business Centric Systems

How did you find it/apply for it?

I found it locally in my area and applied and underwent an interview process with background checks and all that stuff

Any specific things that make it special/ exciting for you?

It wasn’t my original plan for this summer but during covid-19 there has becoming even more of an emphasis on the importance of operations management making this a great opportunity for companies that are essential business to continue growing their operations department for the future by teaching and training so i am extremely excited to be a part of the centric team this summer learning about purchasing and the operations world during a pivotal time in my declared majors career

How do you like it so far?

So far i have really enjoyed it learning about how to place drop orders and understanding order fulfillment processes i am eager to gain more skills this summer as i’ve just recently started

How do you stay confident and do your best work?

i stay confident by trusting that auburn has prepared me this far in order to succeed and trusting myself it’s also important to remind yourself that not everyone is perfect and human error is definitely a part of this field


Keep up with Bess on instagram @bess_tiller and don't forget to follow @auburnpibetaphi