Exec Spotlight- Caroline Hartigan

Meet Caroline

Vice President of Recruitment

Meet Caroline Hartigan! Caroline is from Atlanta, GA and this fall she will be a junior Pi Phi majoring in Marketing. Caroline was elected as this years VP of Recruitment. Read down below to learn a little bit about Caroline!


What was your first Pi Phi role?

Junior Panhellenic

Why did you want to be on exec?

I have always admired every exec member’s commitment to Pi Phi. As an exec member, you have the opportunity to show your love for the chapter through leadership, and ever since my freshman year, I knew this was exactly how I wanted to give back to the chapter that has given so much to me.

Detail your exec role:

As Vice President of Recruitment, I am responsible for planning and organizing all aspects of recruitment! From January to August, I work hard by preparing workshops for chapter members, designing the visual aspect of each round of recruitment alongside my two directors, and everything in between.

Favorite memory so far through your experience?

So far, my favorite memory as an exec member has to be traveling to St. Louis. It was an incredible opportunity getting to meet so many other girls who are currently leading their chapter as Vice President of Recruitment, and I learned so much about all the unique ways girls lead and love their individual chapters.

Has this position been helpful for you in anyway?

This position has shown me how much I truly care for and love this chapter with all my heart. There has not been a single day over the last few months that I have not thought about how amazing Recruitment 2020 is going to be, and how much closer together it brings everyone. I have grown not only as a leader, but as a sister and friend.

Would you recommend trying to get a leadership position?

I highly recommend a leadership position always. Through both of the positions I have held in Pi Phi, I have been able to recognize my strengths as well as work on my weaknesses as a leader. Through each leadership opportunity, you have the chance to improve another chapter members experience within Pi Phi, and make the chapter the best it can be.

Why do you love Pi Phi?

Pi Phi has truly been the most formative part of my college experience. My sisters have shown me the importance of hard work, aspiration, leadership, and most importantly, friendship. The support and happiness I feel during every Pi Phi event makes me recognize how lucky I am to be a small part of a huge sisterhood. I am thankful for every single friendship I have made in Pi Phi, and I am BEYOND ready to share this incredible sisterhood with all the PNMs this August!!!


Keep up with Caroline on instagram @carolinehartigan and don't forget to follow @auburnpibetaphi