Angels Abroad- Mariah Kubik

Meet Mariah Kubik!

Mariah is a junior Pi Phi from Milton, Georgia who is currently majoring in Marketing! A couple fun facts about Mariah are that she was a Pi Chi this year (an AMAZING one too), she loves to run half marathons with her mom, her favorite place she's ever been to is Maui, and breakfast is her favorite meal of the day :).

This summer Mariah spent 2 months in Europe interning for the David Naman and Paul Taylor fashion group, one of the modern leading Italian World Wide fashion brands. She decided to go abroad because she got a whole new appreciation for traveling last summer when she studied abroad in Greece. When Mariah was there, she was able to completely immerse herself in another culture. She wanted to keep exploring different parts of the world so when the opportunity presented itself to go to Rome this summer she couldn’t pass it up!!

"I knew this experience would be so different from anything i’ve experienced before which made me want to do it that much more."

Mariah is a travel bug, so that means any chance she got to go someplace new on the weekends, she took it. Her favorite place she went was the Amalfi Coast. "I love being on the water and experiencing a place that is truly one of a kind. During our time there we sailed to Capri, swam in the Tyrrhenian Sea, went into the Blue Grotto, took a chairlift up to see the breathtaking views in Anacapri, chilled on the beach in Positano, and I absolutely loved every minute of it. "

Mariah also got the chance to travel to Paris, France, where she made her FAVORITE memory of the trip. "When we were in Paris we sat in front of the Eiffel tower from 9pm until 1am to watch every light show go off and it was pretty magical to say the least."

European countries bring so many different types of culture and foods to the table. Mariah got to indulge in so many foods, her favorites being truffle pasta from Hosteria Costanza and gelato from Frigidarium. "All of the food in Italy is heavenly but some of my favorites were definitely the truffle pasta from Hosteria Costanza and gelato from Frigidarium – the best gelato in all of Rome hands down!!! Also, when we were in Paris we went to an authentic French restaurant and got duck that was to die for and when we were in Prague we got a traditional dessert called Trdelnik that was SO GOOD."

So if your'e going to Italy anytime soon, definitely give those foods a try :)

If you are about to go abroad, here is what Mariah carried in her purse on the weekends for reference:

  • wallet

  • hand sanitizer

  • gum

  • lip gloss

  • sunglasses

  • Advil

  • taser

"Don’t be alarmed I don't normally carry a taser around but before I went abroad my dad got me one and insisted that I take it everywhere I went … so needless to say that taser is pretty well traveled."

Mariah has been so grateful for her experience. It allowed her to step outside of her comfort zone and explore a little more of this beautiful world we live in. Her time in Europe made Mariah fall in love with traveling even more, but it made her appreciation for the live we live in America grow immensely as well. "We are constantly told that we have it better than most of the world, but when you truly experience living in another country you quickly realize all of the luxuries we take for granted on a daily basis."

I asked Mariah if her abroad experience had changed her in anyway so far and this was her answer:

"One of the greatest things about going abroad is the amount of personal growth that happens in the midst of some of the greatest adventures of your life. Experiencing different cultures allows you to truly gain a global perspective and appreciation for people from all different walks of life. After traveling abroad I would definitely say that I have become a much more flexible person. Challenges come your way constantly but you have to learn how to quickly adapt while maintaining a positive mindset. During our time in Europe we took taxis, trains, planes, and metros too many times to count but I am so grateful because now feel like I can travel on my own anywhere life takes me!"

Mariah absolutely loved Rome, the place where she was based. Its truly unlike any other city because of its rich history, beautiful architecture, amazing food and artists and musicians filling the streets. She 100% recommends Rome for an abroad location & cant wait to visit again :)

If you want to see Mariah's pics from her trip follow her on insta @Mariahkubik and keep up w her sisters @auburnpibetaphi