Angel of the Week- Brinkley Pope

Meet Brinkley!

Angel of the Week is the time to give a quick shoutout to one of our sisters...this week's angel is Brinkley Pope! Here are some questions to help you get to know Brinkley a little better!


Where are you from? Phenix City, Alabama

What is your major? Media Studies

Dream job? Screenwriter

Favorite place to eat in Auburn? Juice Bar

Favorite memory of freshman year? When Ellie Funk (my freshman roommate) Gangnam Styled and broke Evolve’s elevator

Favorite place you’ve ever been to? Shaky Beats Music Festival in Atlanta

Favorite music style/ band? EDM

Number one thing on bucket list? Marry James Franco

Favorite movie? Clueless

Why did you go Pi Phi? I admired my older sister’s friends in Pi Phi and wanted to have friends like them!!!

if you want to keep up with Brinkley, follow her insta @brinkleypope, and make sure to follow us at @auburnpibetaphi!!!