New Member Spotlight- Charlotte Doyle



Meet Charlotte Doyle!

New Member 





Since bid day, we have fallen in love more and more with this AMAZING and OUTGOING group of girls! Now that we have our new angels, its time to start spotlighting them and letting you get to know a little more about our freshies :) 


This week's new member spotlight is on Charlotte Doyle!

I asked Charlotte to answer some generic questions about herself & these are her answers!! 


Whats your name? Charlotte Doyle 


Where are you from? Baltimore, Maryland 


What is your major? Pre Graphic Design 


Dream Job? Photographer for National Geographic 


Favorite type of music? Definitely Country 


Any hobbies? Photography and reading 


Why’d you choose pi phi? I chose pi phi because I always felt so comfortable there. I looked forward to going back to pi phi because I could always relax and be myself even during the craziness of rush. I also loved how many out of state girls there are! 


What are you most excited for this year? I’m really excited to meet new people and go to football games!



follow Charlotte on insta @cadoyle11 and keep w her new sistas @auburnpibetaphi !! 




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