Exec Spotlight- Sarah Kate Holland

Meet Sarah Kate!

Vice President of Membership

Our sixth Exec Spotlight is the one and only Sarah Kate Holland! She is a rising senior Pi Phi who is currently acting as our Vice President of Membership. She is majoring in Special Education and is one of the reasons Pi Phi is as amazing as it is! She is so so dedicated to her position and such a reliable and genuine friend! definitely all that Pi Phi aspires to be :)

I asked Sarah Kate a series of questions about her role on the exec and why she wanted to become involved and these are her answers!


What was your first role in Pi Phi?

Leadership and Nominating Committee

Why did you want to be on exec?

I wanted to be on exec and in this position because I love recruitment! If you think about it Recruitment is such an amazing opportunity to meet girls you would have never met if you hadn’t joined the process!

Detail your exec role:

My executive position is called Vice President of Membership. I am in charge of everything and anything for recruitment! Not only am I in charge of recruitment, but I also get to plan sisterhood events, which is so fun! I also make sure that everyone in our chapter has a great membership experience.

Favorite memory so far of your experience?

Running home (again) after being a Pi Chi during the 2018 formal Recruitment

Has this experience been helpful for you in anyway?

It has been so helpful! It has definitely taught me that when things don’t go your way.. you reevaluate and keep moving!

Would you recommend trying to get a leadership position?

YES! I have loved every second of being in a leadership position and meeting other girls in the Panhellenic community!

Tips for finding the right sorority for you?

Be yourself!! Sometimes you are going to feel like you may not stand out, but if you are true to yourself then your inner self will shine in every party!

Why do you love pi phi?

I love Pi Phi because I found my forever friends. I found girls that are going to be my bridesmaids and girls that love me at my best and worst!

keep up with SK on her insta @sarahkateholland, and follow our pi phi insta @auburnpibetaphi!!!