Exec Spotlight- Maggie Chase

Meet Maggie Chase!

Vice President of Philanthropy

Our fifth Exec Spotlight is Maggie Chase! She is a rising sophomore Pi Phi who is currently acting as our Vice President of Philantropy. She is majoring in Marketing and is a HUGE part of the reason Pi Phi is able to succeed!

I asked Maggie series of questions about her role on the exec and why she wanted to become involved and these are her answers!


What was your first role in Pi Phi? Assistant philanthropy chair

Why did you want to be on Exec? It’s such a great leadership experience and gives me the opportunity to have a direct impact on our community.

Detail your exec role: I plan the philanthropy events and benefit nights and oversee boys and girls club!! love it sm

Favorite memory so far of your experience? I really enjoy going to boys and girls club and getting to know the kids. They're so fun and its amazing to be able to create relationships with them!

Has this experience been helpful for you in anyway? It has taught me time management and great organization skills.

Would you recommend trying to get a leadership position? Yes, definitely!!

Tips for finding the right sorority for you? Be yourself and follow your heart! You will end up where you are supposed to be!

Why do you love pi phi? It has given me my BEST FRIENDS and so many great memories!!

keep up w Maggie on her insta @Maggie.chase, and keep up w our girls @auburnpibetaphi!!