Exec Spotlight- Alyssa Mueller

Meet Alyssa Mueller!

Vice President of Finance

Our fourth Exec Spotlight is Alyssa Mueller! She is a rising senior Pi Phi who is currently acting as our Vice President of Finance. She is majoring in Accounting and is a HUGE part of the reason Pi Phi is able to succeed!

I asked Alyssa series of questions about her role on the exec and why she wanted to become involved and these are her answers!


What was your first role in Pi Phi? New member committee

Why did you want to be on Exec? I wanted to give back to my sorority doing something i love!

Detail your exec role? I am in charge of maintaining an account of over $200,000 during the year, writing checks to vendors, and invoicing members throughout the year

Favorite memory so far of your experience? Our exec retreat was awesome because we got to know each other better and really get comfortable together as a group all over a great lunch and purvelo!!

Has this experience been helpful for you in anyway? I think this helped a lot to make us more comfortable with each other, my position especially requires a lot of communication between other positions!

Would you recommend trying to get a leadership position? YES! it is such a great way to get involved and get to be friends with girls you might not have known before!

Tips for finding the right sorority for you? Be yourself! dont worry about how you look during recruitment, we care more about what you have to say and you showing us your personality!

Why do you love pi phi? I have met so many amazing girls in pi phi and have truly found my friends for life in this sorority

If you want to keep up with Alyssa, follow her insta @alyssamueller!! & keep up with Pi Phi @auburnpibetaphi!