Internship Spotlight- Maddie Loscalzo

Meet Maddie Loscalzo!!

Maddie is a Political Science major from Johns Creek, GA. This year, she will be a rising senior Pi Phi, and she is finishing up her summer internship in DC! A fun fact is that she's obsessed w cats (for those who don't already know) ;)

This summer, Maddie has been working as a legal intern for Mil Mujeres legal services. She has a passion for political science, and is SO good at what she does. Since Maddie knows her internship the best, I did a Q&A with her and here are her answers!


What is your internship?

I work as a legal intern for Mil Mujeres legal services.

How did you find it/apply for it?

I applied to an internship program in DC that matched me with Mil Mujeres.

Any specific things that make is special/exciting for you?

I am basically doing paralegal work and not many undergraduates get the opportunity to work on real cases like I have!

How do you like it so far?

I love it! I’ve always had an interest in legal aspects and aspire to be a lawyer. This internship has sparked my interest in the law even more!

Do you have a favorite memory?

I got to go into the House of Representatives chamber at the Capitol and hear a briefing which is a once in a life time experience! Also spending Fourth of July in the nation’s Capitol is something I’ll never forget!

What are your tips for succeeding in a job?

Stay dedicated, focused and never give up! Networking is essential!! It is the best way to build connections and hopefully that connection will lead to a job one day. You never know who knows who, and Also get used to waking up early lol!

What are your tips for always staying confident and doing your best work?

I try to always keep a smile on my face and do my best work because you never know who is watching. Do not half-fast anything!! If you put a lot of effort into your work it will show!

If you work/live in a big city, what are your tips to getting around?

I worked in Washington, DC so the metro was literally my best friend. I rode the metro pretty much everywhere it’s super convenient and gets you where you need to be. Make sure you leave at least 10-15 mins early because anything can happen in the city!

Maddie is livin' it up in DC & we love watching her KILL IT!!

If you want to keep up with Maddie, follow her insta @maddieloscalzo, and follow our Pi Phi insta @auburnpibetaphi!!