Exec Spotlight- McKenna Moorhead

Meet McKenna Moorhead!

Vice President of Event Planning

Since rush is right around the corner, we wanted to start spotlighting our AMAZING exec team!!

They are the reason our chapter thrives & we couldn't be what we are without them! Today's spotlight is on McKenna Moorhead, a rising senior Pi Phi :) She is currently majoring in Apparel Merchandising.

I asked McKenna a series of questions about her role on the exec and why she wanted to become involved and these are her answers!


What was your first role in Pi Phi?

Freshman year I was the swaps chair! I loved having a position my first year and just continued to make my way up to VPEP every year!

Why did you want to be on Exec?

I wanted to be VPEP since freshman year, so I knew eventually I would be on exec! I love having a strong voice in the chapter and being able to listen to my sisters in order to make important decisions. Socials and formals have always been one of my favorite parts of being in a sorority so being able to plan all of them has been amazing!

Detail your exec role:

I oversee both the social chair, special events coordinator, and swaps chair! I, myself, plan both formals and parents weekend as well as assisting with all the socials. I help my girls with anything they need as best as I can!

Favorite memory so far of your experience?

During my position I’ve tried to bring new ideas as well as locations to socials and formals. It’s always the best feeling when people rave about an event because it confirms all the hard work paid off. Some of the highlights would be the Mardi Gras cocktail at live oaks, Valentine’s Day at the Grey stone, and parents weekend at 17/16.

Has this experience been helpful for you in anyway?

Yes, 100%, without a doubt. There is so much responsibility within this position. Keeping a budget, working with vendors, liability, contracts, the list goes on. This position really applies to the real world and will be helpful when holding any job. You also make tons of connections with musicians, event centers, security, bus companies, and so many more which would be helpful for any event planner in the future.

Would you recommend trying to get a leadership position?

Yes, not only would I recommend a leadership position to add to your resume, but it’s a great way to get involved with pi phi and truly make a difference. You really get to hear everyone’s voice and make pertinent decisions for your sorority!

Tips for finding the right sorority for you?

I came into rush knowing nothing about almost every sorority. EVERYONE says this, but trust the process, you end up exactly where you are supposed to be!!!


keep up w McKenna this year on insta @mckennamoo, and keep up w her pi phi sisters @auburnpibetaphi