Exec Spotlight!- Madison King

Meet Madison King!

Vice President of Housing

Our second spotlight is on Madison King, a rising junior Pi Phi :) She is currently majoring in Psychology & is acting as the VP of Housing on our exec. Madison is one of the people that keep our sorority afloat, is so dedicated to her position, and is one of the nicest people you will ever talk to!!

I asked Madison a series of questions about her role on the exec and why she wanted to become involved and these are her answers!


What was your first role in Pi Phi?

"My exec position was actually my first position ever in Pi phi. I had been thinking about getting involved and decided to just go for it all the way and try for exec! "

Why did you want to be on Exec?

"I wanted to be on exec because I wanted to get a chance to make decisions and voice things for the girls in our chapter. I also had a lot of ideas for things I wanted to change around the chapter room or with housing in general, which made me really motivated to try for exec! "

Detail your exec role:

"My role deals with housing: including chapter room decor, assigning girls on the hall, and working with alumni and housecorp to keep things maintained within our space!"

Favorite memory so far of your experience?

"My favorite memory was the exec retreat. We bonded SO much as a group and it made me so excited to work with everyone. We went to a cute brunch, did a spin class, and got our nails done. Overall, we just talked and became so much closer, it was so much fun!!"

Has this experience been helpful for you in anyway?

"This experience has been incredibly helpful. It taught me how to really manage my own time during the week. I had to make sure I was planning my time well, in order to get everything done with this position in addition to my schoolwork. It also taught me that I really love being busy! Exec kept me super busy this past semester and it made me feel so happy and productive. I realized I do best and am my happiest when I have a lot to on my plate!"

Would you recommend trying to get a leadership position?

"I would 1000% recommend trying for a leadership position. It made me love Pi Phi even more, and it gave me an opportunity to get closer to more girls in our chapter. Knowing I was directly serving Pi Phi brought me so much fulfillment! Having a leadership position is awesome!"

Tips for finding the right sorority for you?

"To find the right sorority just listen to your gut feeling and don’t overthink what feels right! I walked in to Pi Phi and felt like I was talking to old friends instead of girls just rushing me. It felt completely different and I loved how at home they made me feel."

Why do you love pi phi?

"I love pi phi because it’s a group of the most real girls. I couldn’t ask for a better sisterhood. I feel like I could go to anyone for anything. I’ve gotten close with so many older girls and the girls that are younger too, which Is so special. Everyone is just loving and genuine and there for you no matter what."

If you want to keep up with Madison for the rest of the summer... follow her insta @Maddiee_king , and make sure to follow our Pi Phi insta @auburnpibetaphi!!!!