Sisterhood Story- Nicole Johnson

Meet Nicole Johnson!

Nicole Johnson is a rising sophomore from Coppell, Texas and a Bio-systems engineering and pre-med major! Her Pi Phi, sisters describe her as bold, comforting, and ALWAYS there for her friends. Nicole is super active and is involved with a lot of cool clubs in Auburn. Along with getting her diving license through an AU course, she is a part of the AU wake boarding team!!

Coming to Auburn not really knowing anyone, Nicole decided to rush in order to meet friends. Going into rush, she was looking for a place where conversation flowed easily, and where she left feeling excited to come back. Luckily for us, Pi Phi was that one!

"I thought everyone was so laid back and chill. I felt like I already knew the people I was talking to and didn't have to pretend to be/ be interested in things I'm not."

Compared to high school, college is a big change with social scenes, finding a new group of friends is nerve-racking and can be intimidating. Nicole said Pi Phi immediately gave her a home and a safe space that made her feel like she belonged. She feels so grateful that Pi Phi gave her friends right off the bat!!!

So far, her favorite Pi Phi event has been Biker Ball, a spring social where everyone and their dates dressed up as bikers. Nicole is most excited for bid day next year and finding her little!

If you want to keep up with Nicole this summer, follow her insta @Nicole_johnson3 & follow our Pi Phi insta @auburnpibetaphi!!!