Angel of the Week- Lauren Selvia

Meet Lauren Selvia!

Angel of the Week is the time to give a quick shoutout to one of our sisters...this week's angel is Lauren Selvia! Here are some questions to help you get to know Lauren a little better:

1) Where are you from? I’m from Tampa, Florida

2) What is your major? Musical Theater

3) Dream job? Recording music in Nashville

4) Favorite place to eat in Auburn? Mama Mochas for breakfast

5) Favorite memory of freshman year? Running to Toomer's Corner after making it to the final four & also pi phi formal was that weekend, so the whole weekend was INSANELY fun

6) Favorite place you've ever been to? I went to a black sand beach in Panama on a mission trip, that was pretty cool

7) Favorite music style/ band? I like singer/songwriter stuff or pop music

8) Number one thing on bucket list? Skydiving

9) Favorite movie? Coco

10) Why did you go Pi Phi? I went pi phi because it was where I had the most genuine conversations and I was always laughing and having fun. I felt like I could be myself and didn’t feel pressure to impress the girls!!