Angels Abroad- Haley Foster

Meet Haley Foster!

Haley is a rising junior Pi Phi from Austin, Texas and she is currently majoring in psychology! Like many of her other Pi Phi sisters, Haley had the opportunity to spend time in Europe, country hopping and learning about what they had to offer. She just ended her monthlong adventure and is back in Texas, but has recapped her entire experience!!

Haley decided to go abroad to explore parts of the world she hasn't been to and to learn about cultures other than her own! This was the FIRST time she had been out of the US and had dreamt about it for so long, so this experience was definitely one she will never forget. Her 24 day adventure lead to so many new memories from eating fresh pasta and pizza in Italy (obv) , to gelato and chocolate in Switzerland.

Her favorite memory abroad was when, "we did a canal cruise through Amsterdam...our whole group was together getting to know each other and having a great time and it just felt like no one had a care in the world. We were eating cheese and crackers and drinking champagne and enjoying the amazing views through the canals, I felt like I was in a movie!"

Haley not only loved the sights of Amsterdam, but she LOVED the food too! She says that if you are ever in Amsterdam, you HAVE to eat at "The Avocado Show". When she was there, she ate Avocado pancakes & now they are her new obsession (tbh didn't know that was a thing).

After Amsterdam, Haley went to Rome and Barcelona; her other two favorite places she visited!! In Barcelona, she visited the famous Park Guell and Gaudi's Sagrada Familia.

"My time in Barcelona was great because we spent most of our time at the beach, and the city was beautiful with all the intricate architecture. I would love to go back to Barcelona and spend more time there because it was so relaxing."

Barcelona is a young city, full of life and color & matching the city, the restaurants were just as aesthetically pleasing.

Above you can see a BEAUTIFUL breakfast bowl at Brunch & Cake !!!

Haley's second fav city was Rome. Being such a famous place in Italy, she had to check off all of the main attractions ofc. She saw the Colosseum (one of the seven wonders of the world), the Roman Forum, the Trevi Fountain, The Vatican, and made/ ate homemade pasta for multiple dinners!!

"I loved Rome because of the vibe and history of the city. Everyone was so nice and the city was so lively at every time of the day, especially at night. One day we went to the market and shopped with a chef to gather ingredients to make our own pasta which was such a cool experience."

Going abroad for the first time can be such a life changing experience. You get to interact with cultures that you normally just see on instagram, or learn abt in school. Haley says that, "This experience definitely changed me, I learned so much about myself and how to live in the now and not stress over things that I can’t control. Traveling is such a good way to put yourself out there and learn more about not only yourself but other people and places."

You definitely learn what you can and cant handle when it comes to being put out of your comfort zone in another country. Even though it was a culture shock at first, Haley still recommends going abroad 100%!!

If you’re thinking of traveling abroad DO IT. It is so awesome and so fun and you get the best experiences. The history behind everywhere in Europe is so interesting and I was pleasantly surprised with how excited I was to learn about it all. Overall amazing experience and I highly recommend traveling abroad!!" "

It you want to see the rest of Haleys amazing pics from her trip, follow her on insta @haleyfoster, and check out our Pi Phi insta @Auburnpibetaphi!!!