Internship Spotlight- Sara Lottermoser

Meet Sara Lottermoser!

Sara Lottermoser is a rising senior Pi Phi from Chicago! She is an Apparel Merchandising major who is minoring in business. Sara is known as the life of a party, and described as fun, extremely outgoing, and SO stylish by her sorority sisters. Kate Shroyer, a rising sophomore Pi Phi and Sara's grand little says, "I can always count on Sara to hype me up, she's my go to gal and seriously the best grand big ever!!" Matching her outgoing personality, a fun fact about Sara is that her favorite animal is is a hammerhead shark ;)

Since Sara obv knows the most about her experience, she has personally answered the questions below on her INSANE job:


What is your internship?

I am a bridal consultant assistant at Kleinfeld Bridal in NYC; home to the TLC show “Say Yes to the Dress”.

How did you find it/apply for it?

After applying to what felt like 1000 internships, I found the Kleinfeld one and sent my resume for fun not thinking I would hear back from the largest bridal store in the country, but a week later I got an email from my supervisor, Joan Roberts, inviting me to fly to NYC and interview!! I flew to NYC had my interview and was offered on the position on the spot. I remember I immediately called McKenna Moorhead ((one of Sara's best friends in Pi Phi)) and I’m pretty sure both of us teared up on the phone together.

Any specific things that make is special/exciting for you?

I always get excited when brides say yes because I helped impact a choice for their special day! Also it’s always really cool when celebrities come in to shop or be in someones entourage. So far, The Long Island Medium, Meghan Marble's bff Jessica Mulroney, and Danielle Jonas have all been at the store at the same time I was; It was awesome!!! Randy Fenoli is sometimes there too and is super sweet to everyone he meets and always takes pictures with you if you ask.

How do you like it so far?

It is such a crazy experience because no two days are the same. My first two weeks were very exhausting, but now after being there for over a month I have gotten used to the craziness and LOVE it so much. Going into work I never know what’s going to happen or who I’m going to meet that day, so it’s always an interesting experience. The girls I intern with are also amazing too!! We have all gotten so close so fast. Everyone at Kleinfeld is so friendly as well, it’s like a big family at work which makes going in that much better.

What are your tips for succeeding in a job?

My tips are ALWAYS be yourself and never be afraid to ask for help when you need it. When I first started interning I never wanted to ask for help because I didn’t want to feel dumb, but going and asking for help was the smartest thing I could have ever done!! It is the best way to learn when you are unsure of something. Everyone at Kleinfeld is SO nice and wants everyone to succeed so it isn’t scary to ask for advice from time to time.

What are your tips for always staying confident and doing your best work?

I would say never doubt yourself! You got where you are for a reason (because you know what you are doing), so don’t let anyone make you feel less of yourself. Whenever I’m feeling down at work I remember I have worked so hard in many different jobs and classes at Auburn to prepare me for this, so I am prepared enough to take on any challenge my internship brings me.

If you work/live in a big city, what are your tips to getting around?

Walk everywhere!!! I live about 2 miles from Kleinfeld and I walk to and from work everyday.

What is your favorite memory so far?

I have so many amazing memories of this job but what really makes it special is when celebrities come into the store. For example, the Long Island Medium came to my store in search of a wedding dress for her daughter. They were shooting for both shows in the store, it was really cool to be able to watch!


Sara is living the life in NYC's fashion world, and we love hearing about her challenges and accomplishments within this internship!

Look out for Sara in the background of the next Say Yes To The Dress episode you watch ;) I know I will be!!

Keep up with Sara's NYC adventures on her insta @saralotto, and keep up with her Pi Phi sisters @auburnpibetaphi!!!