Internship Spotlight- Marlie Desantis




Meet Marlie Desantis! 

Marlie is from Nashville, Tennessee and is a rising Sophomore Pi Phi who is majoring in Finance! Marlie is a transfer student, and has already made herself a home with Pi Phi and we LOVE HER.  If you don't know Marlie, she is extremely easy to talk to; her Pi Phi sisters would describe her as trustworthy, inviting and easy to get along with! She perfectly embodies everything Pi Phi aims to be :) An interesting fact is that Justin Timberlake lives down the street from her (um, wow). 


Marlie's internship is so interesting and was so fun to learn about, so here is an inside look of her amazing experience: 


What is your internship?

My internship is in Experiential Marketing at SmileDirectClub Headquarters in Nashville! So basically I assist the experiential team with planning events for the company and obtaining influencers for them. For example, we just partnered with the New York Yankees and have Shawn Mendes and Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors as our influencers



How did you find it/apply for it?

 My mom started working at SmileDirectClub about a year ago and wanted me to join the team to get experience for the workforce. So, I looked into it and found how big the company has grown over the past 4 years and how cool some of the events the experiential team plans, so I was really interested in joining their team!


Any specific things that make is special/exciting for you?

 Something unique about SmileDIrectClub is how much they value their employees and want them to enjoy coming to work, so they always have lunch catered for us every Friday. My favorite thing about working their is food truck Thursdays where every food truck in Nashville lines up outside of our office and we get to enjoy that for lunch! It a great way to get closer with your coworkers and unique for smiledirectclub to treat their employees like that!


How do you like it so far?

I LOVE it!! It is the first job I have that I actually enjoy going to work there. Its also not just like a normal office because its a start up company so you can see everyone that works there and its nice because you become so close with everyone there. 


What are your tips for succeeding in a job?

 So far what I have learned to help be successful is to ask a lot of questions. On my first day, everyone I talked to told me to ask them so many questions so that I feel comfortable and get clarity for the projects I receive. That has been a great tip that I was told. Also, just having the desire to want to learn makes people want to work with you more and shows that you care about your job. 


What are your tips for always staying confident and doing your best work?

 The best tip is to be curious and not being afraid to share your ideas. Being comfortable with who are can show in the workforce and they like people who are themselves and share their creativity with the company!!


Living in a big city, what are your tips for getting around?

Always leave early because traffic is hell and make sure you get out during the day and just walk around because working in the city is so different than suburbs and brings authenticity. My coworkers and I always walk around outside either to lunch or just to get fresh air.


It's so cool being able to see all the varieties of internships and jobs that not only Pi Phi's, but college students in general are doing! Marlie is thriving at Smile Direct Club, and we hope you loved getting to know a little more about what some of our girls are venturing out and accomplishing!!!



If you want to keep up with Marlie and her summer follow her on insta @marlie_desantis, and make sure to follow our Pi Phi insta @auburnpibetaphi to see what we do this summer!!!







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