Internship Spotlight- Sarah Hamilton

Meet Sarah Hamilton!

Sarah is a Senior Pi Phi who will graduate this coming August! She is from Knoxville, Tennessee, and is an Interior Design major. Sarah chose to major in Interior design because she loves being creative and coming up with unique ideas, collaborating with others, and coming up with a solutions for problems. With the interior design major, you can do it all while getting to make other people happy in the process!

Seeing that Sarah knows the most about her own internship, we did a Q&A with her to learn about her entire process!

What is your internship?

I am interning for an interior design firm in New York City called Meyer Davis Studio Inc.

How did you find it/apply for it?

Both founders, Will Meyer and Gray Davis are fellow Auburn grads and collaborated with our studio for a hotel project this past fall. After working with them, I reached out to my professor who put in a good word for me and the rest is history!

Any specific things that make is special/exciting for you?

I have always admired the work this firm has done and dreamed of being able to work for them one day!! They have designed a lot of well known restaurants and hotels that originally caught my attention like St. Cecelia’s in Atlanta and even a new cigar lounge for Cam Newton. This is also really exciting for me because I have such a passion for travel and living in a city like New York is an amazing opportunity!!

How do you like it so far?

HUGE FAN SO FAR. Exploring around has been amazing, especially because there happen to be a lot of other auburn people up here for the summer too. I could definitely see myself staying here for a while ;)

So far what are your tips of living in a big city?

Don’t wait til the last second to figure out the subway like I did lol, I ended up on the wrong side of Brooklyn my first time. Also, don’t take anything personally, while everyone I’ve met here has been super nice, some people may rub you the wrong way.

What are your tips for succeeding in a job

Always be the first person there and the last to leave, it makes a great impression if you’re just starting out. And one of my professors once told me this piece of advice and I think it can apply to any job: make yourself irreplaceable. In other words, show off your talents and skills and the things that make you, you!!

What are your tips for always staying confident and doing your best work

I would say don’t get bogged down on the little things, if something doesn’t go quite your way or you make a mistake somewhere along the lines, you gotta shake it off. Also, don’t second guess yourself, which I am the world’s worst at, but working on :) And lastly, always remember to look at the big picture and remember why they hired you!!!

Keep up with Sarah's NYC lifestyle on her instagram @say_ham, and keep up with her Pi Phi sisters @auburnpibetaphi!!!