Sisterhood Story- Caroline Hartigan

Meet Caroline Hartigan!

Caroline "Ging" Hartigan is from Atlanta, GA and is a Pre-Business major. Her pi phi sisters constantly describe her as a crazy, confident, and reliable friend who is always around to cheer you up. An interesting fact about Caroline is that she has a twin sister who goes to UGA! In high school, Caroline was a cheerleader and taught gymnastics to elementary school girls; very fitting jobs, considering she is known for always being peppy and friendly!

Caroline chose Auburn because she fell in love with the campus as soon as she stepped foot on it senior year. She felt immediately at home, a feeling that she wanted to carry throughout rush. Rush week was a whirlwind for Caroline as she saw so many great sororities, but her first impression of Pi Phi stuck with her throughout the week.

“I remember I had Pi Phi very last on the first day of Ice Water Teas. The first thing I noticed was how loud and fun the music was and how every single Pi Phi was smiling and having the best time even after what felt like the longest day of my life. The energy honestly relaxed me and made me feel so comfortable in a room of complete strangers at the time.”

Feeling comfortable is a key aspect when making a decision about what sorority you want to join. Caroline immediately felt comfortable amongst the high energy and happiness that Pi Phi brought to the room!

Caroline ended up choosing Pi Phi because that is where she felt the best about herself. She felt as though she could be her real and actual self without anyone judging her, because there were so many different kind of people in Pi Phi!

“From the very beginning, Pi Phi where I felt the most confident, happy, and right at home. I knew Pi Phi was a place where I could be comfortable while also feeling challenged in a new environment”

So far, Caroline has been so so so happy with the connections she has made through Pi Phi. Ging has already found friends that she knows she’s going to keep for LIFE through Pi Phi, which is amazing!

Her favorite memory of Freshman year revolves around her spring break with her Pi Phi sisters in Miami. She said that the week break from school gave her the chance to really grow closer to her friends in Pi Phi, all while relaxing on the beach!

She feels so lucky to be able to call this understanding and diverse sisterhood home.

Whether in her pledge class or the pledge classes above her, she feels inspired by so many girls in the chapter.

“Watching my sisters thrive inspires me to make goals for myself and gives me the confidence to achieve them.”

There are genuinely so many different types of girls in Pi Phi who have a vast range of future goals. It is so fun to watch people like Caroline and others push themselves to be the best version of themselves. Caroline is so grateful for the friends she has made during her freshman year and cant wait to live with 40 of her pledge sisters on the hall and make even more friendships!

The rest of her summer, Caroline is planning to keep working at her favorite workout studio in Atlanta, Burn, and is planning to go to Hawaii with her family!

But most importantly, she is already counting down the days until she can be back with all her sisters for recruitment!!!!!!

Keep up with Ging the rest of this summer on instagram @Carolinehartigan and her Pi Phi sisters @auburnpibetaphi!!