Angels Abroad- Sara Vavrina

Meet Sara Vavrina!!

Sara is a sophomore Pi Phi from Annapolis, Maryland! She is currently in the Interior Design program and absolutely LOVES it. Although challenging, Sara loves being able to pursue her dream of becoming an Interior Designer and creating pieces of work that show her dedication and appreciation for her major! Her Pi Phi sisters describe her as an artistic, vibrant and bold individual who loves life and adventure. Being someone who is always ready to experience new things, Sara signed up for a 2 week abroad trip to Cape Town, South Africa. She is currently living her best life and creating memories that will last a lifetime!

Cape Town is known for its beautiful location and the unique experiences it offers. Since this is Sara's first time going abroad, she chose this location in hopes of stepping out of her comfort zone and fulfilling her lifelong dream of traveling abroad!

Her days ave been filled with service to kids in undeveloped schools and communities. Helping out and spending quality time with the kids brings so much joy to Sara and her peers. Along with service, Sara has had the opportunity to go on AMAZING adventures. Some of her activities have included: seal snorkeling, ATV's through South African sand dunes, bungee jumping, surfing, Safari's, SHARK cage diving, and hiking! Since she is in the middle of her trip and hasn't completed all of her itinerary, Sara's favorite activity so far has been ATV riding!

"Taking ATVs through sand dunes was UNREAL. It felt like I was in a movie and was like nothing I've ever done before. You couldn’t see anything but the dunes in front of you and it felt like I was literally in a desert. Table Mountain was in the background and it was just so surreal. The best part was going down the hills and going fast. I did NOT want it to stop and would totally go again!"

One thing we love about our Pi Phi sisterhood is that no matter what, you can always count on meeting a sister who you are able to depend on and create a friendship with! Sara got the chance to room with Amanda Morey, another Pi Phi at Auburn! Sara explained that she didn't know Amanda that well before they went on this trip, but since they've arrived the both of them have had so much fun together and have created a friendship that will follow them from Cape Town back to Auburn!

So far, Sara's abroad experience has definitely changed the way she chooses to push herself. Just by going to another country and trying foods, drinks, and activities that aren't apart of her daily routine, she is coming back a new person with more memories and knowledge of the world to share!

"I feel so blessed to have been able to come here. I love adrenaline and experiencing new things. I have felt like I'm dreaming with everything I've done and seen!!! I’ve found that I’ve grown most in uncomfortable situations. I’ve met a lot of different people, who have amazing stories, and I've loved listening and learning from them. Playing with kids was so rewarding- we are SO unbelievably lucky to have what we do. Seeing the smiles and receiving so many hugs from those kids spoke volumes to me. Materialistic things are so invaluable compared to relationships we build and the love we give and receive."

Keep up with Sara's Cape Town trip on her instagram @saravavrina, and her other sisters' summer adventures @auburnpibetaphi !!!!