Emily Plozdeen's Sisterhood Story



Get to know Emily Plozdeen


Emily is from Chicago, Illinois. In high school she ran cross country and track and eventually got to be the Junior and Senior captain. She loved the team and focused a lot on running in high school. She says that going to State every year with her team made running endless miles completely worth it. A lot of people know her for running and designing. She is majoring in apparel design and minoring in business at Auburn. It has been her dream forever and she never questioned what she wanted that this was what she wanted to pursue in life. From a young age she started sewing wedding dresses for her Barbies as she watched “Say Yes to the Dress” with her mom. She eventually started making dresses for herself and by the time she got to high school she even made her own homecoming dresses, did her own prom alterations, and made her graduation dress. She has an older sister and brother that she completely adores, and is really close with both of them. Her mom and dad are also fantastic parents who support her in everything she does. She only applied and visited schools with great design programs during her college search and was blown away when she stepped foot on Auburn's campus. From that moment on she fell in love with the Auburn family. She says that she has always felt welcomed here even being from a place as far away as Chicago.


Finding her Home at Auburn


Emily says she has truly found her home at Auburn. During the recruitment process she said Pi Phi seemed like a break because it was always so fun.  She loved joking around with the girls and felt like she could be herself around them. She enjoyed a lot of the other sororities as well, but Pi Phi was always on her mind. She officially knew she was going to go Pi Phi on preference day when she got in line and the older Pi Phi that checked people in said she wasn’t in that party yet. At that moment she realized she was so excited for Pi Phi that she went to the wrong house. She is so happy about her decision and says that she loves her whole Pi Phi family. She is extremely close with them, especially with her big - Annabelle!  She has great role models and looks up to them a lot. She knows that she can always go to them for advice or comfort.


Her favorite Memories from Freshman Year


Emily has absolutely loved freshman year so far. She loves Auburn with all her heart and has complete pride for the University. She can honestly say that coming to Auburn was the best decision she ever made. Auburn has an incredible design school and a great networking system into the fashion industry so when she got to immediately start out in fashion classes she was really excited. Her sorority sisters are already lifelong friends and she loves hanging out with them.  She says that they are true friends who always have her back. She went on Spring Break with them which she says was so memorable. It was the first spring break that she had been on with friends, and it was so fun being able to sit on the beach and soak up the sun with all of her friends (while attempting to get them to swim with her). She says that all of the Pi Phi events have been so much fun with her sisters. Freshman year has been filled with a million new experiences and opportunities and she appreciates everything that Auburn and Pi Phi have given her. Coming from the North she also says the football games are something else, and nothing can compare to the feeling Jordan Hare stadium can give you. Auburn has now become a basketball school, and she says March Madness has been so fun to be a part of because Auburn fans have so much pride for their team. 


How Emily got involved at Auburn


Pi Beta Phi's national philanthropy is Red Lead Achieve and our local philanthropy is the Boys and Girls Club where we spend time with the kids. It is recommended that we go at least on a semester, but she has been going multiple times this year. She loves that she gets to develop a relationship with the kids. She says the best feeling is when they are excited for you to come back and they remember you from the last time. They have become more open to letting her help them with their homework and it is so much fun to seem the kids grow academically. Another organization she is apart of is AMDA, which is the fashion cub here at Auburn. They have meetings monthly about what is going on in their specific program, and they also put on the annual fashion show which she is so excited about. She will be participating in the fashion show as a back-stage volunteer, and one of the garments she designed and sewed will be featured on the runway in this year’s show! 


Emily's Plans for Summer Break 


Emily's plans to go back to Chicago for the summer where she will return for the 4th year of waitressing at the golf club near her house. She also plans to continue designing new clothes and running with her best friend who will be training for the Alabama running team. Other than that, you can catch her swimming in lake Michigan or chilling on the beach!






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