Heavenly Highlight~ Maddie Kelley

Hi angels!! My name is Maddie, I’m going into my senior year at Auburn *cue the tears* and I’m

majoring in Biomedical Science with a pre-pharmacy focus. I was born and raised in Jacksonville, FL but came to Auburn to meet new people and put myself in new situations with opportunities I wouldn’t have had at home. I wanted to get out of my comfort zone at Auburn and while it hasn’t always been easy, it has always been worth it! My freshman year I was lucky enough to be given a bid from Pi Phi and have grown from a nervous girl in a sorority filled with beautiful, smart, confident strangers to a sister with genuine relationships and amazing memories with the women who have stuck by me the last three years. In addition to Pi Phi, I have also been an AUDM dancer for two years, our dance marathon for the Children’s Miracle Hospitals; a project coordinator for The Big Event, a service organization inspired by giving back to the community that gives to us daily; a member of the Pre-Pharmacy Club, which has helped me become an informed and well-rounded student in my major; and more. Outside of Auburn University I have had an incredible clinical research internship with Mayo Clinic where I shadowed surgeries and worked to become an author on a study involving the treatment of recurrent thyroid cancer. Out of all of these experiences and accomplishments though, one will profoundly stick with me for a lifetime.

The most meaningful college experience I have had came this year when I had the opportunity to travel to Haiti with a local Auburn Church, AUMC, and two of my sweet Pi Phi sisters, Sarah and Brooke. Driven by a desire for something bigger than ourselves, we decided to spend our spring break in Haiti surrounded by extreme poverty, but more importantly surrounded by the most genuine love for God and others I have ever witnessed. I had never been on a mission trip before, so I placed a lot of faith and trust in my friends and the other missionaries to guide me. During the trip, I grew closer to my sisters, made lifelong friends, and learned so much about myself! To me, that growth is one of the most important parts of college.

College, like everything else is exactly what you make it to be. If you force yourself out of your comfort zone repetitively, you will inevitably have shortcomings and failures, but you will grow and evolve much more than a peer who locks themselves away in comfort. There have been plenty of clubs and job opportunities I have been denied, but that’s only motivation to humble myself and try harder next time! I always tell people I look for growth through challenge. There is no improvement in comfort and no growth in things that don’t change. I am so grateful to be a Pi Phi, surrounded by extraordinary women who constantly push me to evolve into the best me I can be! So my best advice would be to ask questions, find something to put your time and energy into, have fun, and don’t be afraid to explore all of the incredible things you are!