My Time in Europe~ Maddie LoScalzo

Hi!! My name is Maddie LoScalzo and I’m a rising Junior in Pi Beta Phi! I was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. I have an older sister named Josette who goes to school in Troy, Alabama which is nice because she’s only an hour away and I can visit whenever. I actually started off my college

experience at The University of Kentucky and then made a rash decision to transfer to Auburn in the middle of my Freshmen year. Transferring was a difficult process but Pi Phi welcomed me in with open arms which made the transition a lot easier. I am currently majoring in Political Science and double minoring in French and Communication. I have always had a passion for debating and arguing and decided that going to Law school and becoming a lawyer is the career path I wanted to take. Although I am aware that this specific career path involves a lot of studying and school I am very prepared to take on this challenge and follow my dreams. On top of that I have always had an interest in the language of French. I have taken French class since I was in sixth grade and have grown a passion for it throughout the years. I had an amazing opportunity to participate in a foreign exchange program my Freshmen year of high school. I lived with a French family for a week and got very close with Laurène my foreign exchange partner. She showed me around her city and even brought me to school with her. A couple years later she came to visit me in America and I got to show her around my city. It was an amazing opportunity that I will cherish forever.

Prior to my trip I had only done minimal traveling out of the Country (apart from France) so I was excited to see what Europe had in store for me. Before my study abroad program started I flew out early and traveled to Amsterdam, Netherlands and Brussels, Belgium. These cities were absolutely incredible from the delicious chocolate in Belgium to the gorgeous tulips in Amsterdam. I also had the opportunity to travel to Barcelona, Spain for a weekend. Barcelona was absolutely breathtaking and managed to completely drain my bank account because the shopping there is fantastic-you have to go. Then I traveled to Paris, France where I began my study abroad program. We stayed in Montparnasse, Paris and I can’t even begin to explain how quickly this place became my home. I had the opportunity to study at the prestigious Sorbonne Université De Paris. I became a local at this restaurant called Pinocchio and ended up becoming friends with our server. If there is one thing I can say about Paris the food is to die for and that you can never eat enough crêpes! Throughout my stay in Paris I got to visit some amazing landmarks including the Palace of Versailles, The Arc de Triomphe, The Sacre-Coeur, The Notre-Dame, The Catacombs and of course the famous landmark the Eiffel Tower. On top of all that I got to experience France win the world cup which was a day I will never forget. The city went absolutely crazy storming the streets yelling “On est les champions” which translates to we are the champions. Americans have the 4th of July and the French have Bastille Day which is on July 14th. Bastille Day was absolutely incredible I got to watch the fireworks show by the Eiffel Tower and attend the Fireman’s ball at night. It’s hard to narrow down my favorite thing from this trip but I would have to say being in France when they won the world cup was an experience of a lifetime and had to have been my favorite part of this trip hands down. All and all I am so incredibly blessed to be able to have traveled to four amazing countries and I am already planning a trip to travel through even more parts of Europe next summer!!