Heavenly Highlight~ Haley Kantor

Haley Kantor is a rising senior majoring in elementary education! She was born and raised in Clarksville, Maryland which is a big town right between Baltimore and Washington DC. Coming to

Auburn from 13 hours away, and only knowing one person here, Haley did not know what she was getting herself into... three years later she could not have made a better decision! Haley thinks that what helped her to really make Auburn feel like home was getting involved with organizations on campus. Joining Pi Beta Phi at the start of freshman year was only the beginning. Pi Phi encouraged and supported Haley to continue getting involved in other ways while she was acclimating to college life. Although you may come to college with a picture or idea of how you see yourself, it is important to branch out and try new things. This could mean joining a new club or pursuing a hobby you have never acted on before. Honestly, Haley was overwhelmed with the options of organizations and clubs she could join. There were so many great opportunities at her fingertips and Haley had to make choices to balance her time. A few of Haley's favorite on campus involvements include being a presenter for Question Persuade Respond, a member of Freshman Leadership Program: SERVE, a volunteer for The Big Event, an employee at the RBD library, a recruitment counselor (Pi Chi), and a participant in alternative student breaks. An organization Haley recently became involved with is Auburn’s alternative student breaks (ASB). Being apart of ASB provides opportunities to completely immerse yourself in diverse environments to provide community service while experiencing, discussing, and understanding social issues in a significant way. Haley had the amazing opportunity to travel to Camp Summit in Paradise, Texas over spring break. Alongside 10 other Auburn students, Haley devoted her week to being full time counselors at a sleepaway camp for individuals of any age with special needs. This week was so impactful on Haley, in the ways it pushed her into new experiences, created strong friendship, and helped her to learn new ways to communicate. ASB offers a variety of service trips that change each year and a range of lengths including day trips, week long or 2 weeks long. Haley was motivated to apply for ASB to experience something new and meet new people! There is a club or organization for everyone here at Auburn, you just have to find it. Like Haley, you may be surprised at what you learn and who you meet. War Eagle ツ