My Sisterhood Story~ Barbara Laughlin

Hi, my name is Barbara Laughlin and I am a rising senior from Austin, Texas! I am majoring in Psychology and minoring in Business. I love majoring in Psychology because the field offers so much

room for new discoveries and there is always something new to learn. I currently involved in on-campus research experiments were I get to create, run participants, and conduct data analysis on some really interesting topics. This year I will be participating in the Undergraduate Research Fellowship, which means that I will get to create and test my own research idea! I am so excited to get started on this project as soon as school starts. Being an out-of-state freshmen I knew that rush would be a great way to meet people that were going through a lot of the same things I was. I didn't know too many people at Auburn but the two that I did know happened to be Pi Phis. These girls were girls that I really felt like myself with and knew that we had similar ambitions. I thought that if these two really great girls had been drawn to Pi Phi there must be something special there. Sure enough, going through rush I looked forward to going to Pi Phi because it felt like everyone really loved the sorority and wanted to be there. Being a senior and looking back on my college experience I feel so lucky that I chose Pi Phi and they chose me back. I have been given the opportunity to be inspired, truly loved, supported, accepted and allowed to grow. I have loved seeing my fellow sisters want to serve others and help make changes for the better. That feeling is contagious and I caught the bug. I was lucky enough to serve on the Exec team from my sophomore to junior year as Vice President of Fraternity Development. It was one of my favorites ways I’ve been

involved because I honestly loved getting to know and teach other members about Pi Phi's history. For someone who never liked social studies, I kind of became a little Pi Phi history geek ;)! I feel like this experience really opened my eyes to how special and loving my sister's hearts are but also opened my eyes to how much you can do to make a positive influence on others. I feel that this has been something unique about Pi Phi because these girls really aim and encourage each other to be the best they can be. The biggest thing that has emphasized how lucky I am to be a Pi Phi is the wonderful friendships I have made. I think one of the most important bonds you can make in college is that of a “forever friend”. One of the reasons I chose Pi Phi was because their core values encompass key characteristics of what I think a “forever friend” should be. I am so lucky to say that I have met, leaned on, laughed with, loved with and grown with some of the most amazing women. They are strong, caring, and determined girls who make me be the kind of student and person that I want to be. I could not have gotten through many of my ups and downs without these girls, especially my big and little. I truly feel that without Pi Phi I would be a different person than who I am today. I genuinely mean all these words so I’d like that thank my “forever friends” and Pi Phi for keeping me sane and sticking with me. Love you all and PPL