Internship Spotlight~ Courtney Joseph

Courtney Joseph is a 20 years old, going into her Junior year at Auburn and is from Cincinnati, Ohio. She has grown up there her whole life and absolutely loved it but got a whole new appreciation of it as

a home after she went off to college. Courtney had always played sports throughout middle and high school. She loves the competitive aspect to them and loves bonding experience that happens between teammates. Courtney has always had a huge interest in fashion and loved having a different style than everyone. She thinks it is a great way for a person to express themself and their individuality. It is actually one of the reasons she looked at Auburn. One of her family friends said she toured Auburn the year before Courtney was looking at colleges and she said how great of a school it is and how the Apparel Merchandising program is phenomenal. Courtney toured Auburn and was over the moon in love with it. Which then lead her to Pi Phi and some of the best friends she has ever met. Courtney was lucky enough to get a Wholesale internship with the clothing brand Tibi. It started out where the interns would be given simple tasks to help the employees around the office. Although, as the weeks progressed they were given more responsibilities such as tending to the department stores that carry Tibi. The interns would restock, organize, and merchandise the products. They also pull orders for photoshoots, market weeks, and fashion weeks. The interns recently have had the opportunity to help on the sets of photoshoots. It has all been a surreal

experience for Courtney especially while getting to live in New York City! Courtney feels like she has been able to get more of a grasp on what she want to do after she graduates and in fashion. She has learned so much from this internship just about the work world and about herself. She loves exploring new places and meeting new people. Courtney's advice to someone looking into fashion and anticipating doing internships is to take leaps. The fashion industry is a place where you are able to go outside your comfort zone and try something you might not usually see yourself doing. Make connections with anyone and everyone. Networking is key in any situation on finding a job. And if you do get an internship somewhere, work hard. Courtney has noticed that even when you think people are not watching, they are. The employees notice who is going above and beyond their abilities to exceed. Lastly, love what you are doing. Courtney is lucky enough to be in a major and have a job in an industry that she so passionate towards. It sounds so cheesy but Courtney loves going into her work everyday. She feels she is working with people who are as interested in her passion as she is.