Angel of the Week~ Tammy Hutchison

Tammy Hutchison is a rising sophomore from Jupiter, FL. She is majoring in Media Studies. If Tammy had to describe herself in three words she would say she is outgoing, animated, kindhearted. Tammy is on the Auburn Club Lacrosse Team. She has played lacrosse since she was in kindergarten but decided she didn’t want to play at the college level, so Tammy plays club now in Aubs. She plays midi and gets to travel to all the different schools on weekends. She works at a boutique called Ceci Palm where she is a ~stylist~. In Tammy's free time she loves to paint. There are a million reasons Tammy joined Pi Phi but the main reason was because she felt like she could be herself. She felt she didn’t have to try to belong. During rush going into Pi Phi was a huge relief for Tammy because everyone she talked to was so genuine, she never put on a fake smile or felt uncomfortable. Not many people from Tammy's area go to Auburn so she didn’t have a “hometown sorority” like many girls do. Pi Phi was proud of the fact that they had girls from all over and that was really comforting to me. The three things Tammy can't live without are her friends (pi phi sistas included, obviously), music, and the beach. We are so lucky to have a sister as amazing as Tammy.