My Travel Story~ Paige Barrow

My name is Paige Barrow and I’m from Houston, Texas and have two younger siblings. From when I was three to nine years old I lived in

Singapore with my family because my parents got job opportunities there in engineering. While we were over there we adopted my younger brother from Moscow, Russia when he was just one and a half. Family and traveling have always been two important aspects of my life. I’ve grown up combining the two and it’s made me to be such a compassionate and open-minded person. I feel so blessed to have these opportunities and I want to be able to live my life to the fullest! That’s part of the reason why I chose auburn, because I’m used to adapting to new cultures and I wanted the ability to make new friends and meet new people from different places. And I’m so happy I did because it led me to Pi phi!!! In June I traveled with my family to South Africa, Zimbabwe, and London for two and a half weeks. In Africa I went to Cape town, Johannesburg, and to a safari in northeast Africa (Kapama Private Game Reserve). I also was able to go to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. We went to these countries because this is the last summer I could go on a family vacation, as I got into the Spring round for nursing school (super pumped), and also because we wanted to see the beauties of Africa. Truly a breath taking experience!! Another place I’m currently in right now is Innsbruck, Austria. I’m studying abroad here for six weeks with Rachel Carlon. So far it’s been amazing to experience the Austrian culture and meet people from different SEC schools. We chose to study abroad because so many of the older Pi phis and other auburn students have done it in the past and said it’s the best experience of college. We wanted to see for ourselves and be able to see what all Europe has to offer. One of my favorite things we did was going up to Table Mountain in Cape Town. Here we could see the entire city and it was just amazing! Another place we went to in Cape Town was the Cape of Good Hope (the most southwestern point of the continent). The other favorite part of my journey was going on the safari and seeing all the different animals up close. Our Jeep had no shelter (yikes) but that just made the experience more amazing. We got to see all animals from lions to giraffes to rhinos. While we were on this trip we also got to feed some elephants!!In London, we got to visit the Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace, and the Eye Ferris Wheel. Favorite thing was seeing all these cool places and watching Mama Mia live in opera at one of the local theaters. In Austria, my favorite things have been eating gelato with my sorority sister and walking to class with the beautiful view of mountains and a river. I also love being able to travel on weekends to various places in Europe. This past weekend we were able to go to Venice, Italy and Cinque Terre, Italy. There we got to meet up with Ella Carlon. We went on a gondola ride and on a boat around the coast of Italy.