Exec Spotlight~ Sammy Perkinson

Hi! My name is Sammy Perkinson and I am a junior studying biomedical sciences with a minor in business. I am currently serving as the New Member Educator for Pi Beta Phi. I was raised in Huntsville, Alabama, but moved around as a kid because my dad was in the military. I first knew I wanted to go into the medical field when my youngest brother was born 6 years ago. I want to go to medical school after graduating and become a pediatric oncologist. I first realized I wanted to be on exec after being a new member. Seeing how helpful our new member educator at the time was with our pledge class and how she made our first semester way less stressful, I knew I wanted to be that for other girls. This leadership position has helped me grow in more ways than I was expecting. It’s made me more comfortable speaking in front of others and how to work better with not only the rest of exec, but also the whole chapter. I think the most rewarding part of having a position is being able to see how Pi Phi works from the other side; from a member perspective, you get to attend chapter, socials, and formals, but from the exec perspective, it’s really interesting to see how they work together to make something amazing happen. I hope I make a positive impact on the incoming freshman girls by making them feel more comfortable and less stressful through their first semester and even until they graduate. I am so thankful for the amazing girls Pi Phi has allowed me to get to know, and am so excited for the upcoming fall semester!!

PPL always,

Sammy Perkinson