Heavenly Highlight~ Valerie Caston

Valerie Caston was born in Tyler, Texas and moved to Trussville, Alabama when she was 3 years old

with her family. She has grown up in the same town ever since. Valerie participated in cross country and cheerleading throughout her school years. She was raised an Alabama fan her entire life but chose Auburn because of the people, community, and the fact that it felt like home to her. Valerie is a Human Development and Family Studies major and wants to be a child life specialist. She loves working with kids, it’s her passion in life. Valerie is involved with the Child Life Club here at Auburn and Relay for Life. She was one of the executives for Relay for Life this past year and had a wonderful experience. What motivated Valerie to get involved with Relay for Life is because of her mom. Her mom is a breast cancer survivor and it had a huge impact on Valerie's life and it motivated her to give back. She never had Relay for Life at her high school so she knew she wanted to join it when she came to Auburn. Valerie was motivated to get involved with the Child Life Club because she knew it could help her with her future successes and could learn so much more about the field she is pursuing. Valerie has learned from her time as the Executive of Morale for Relay for Life not take life to seriously, have fun, and be kind to others. She also learned that time is precious so do the things that make you happy. Valerie's advice for people looking to get involved would be to keep up with organizations your interested in on social media as well as auinvolvement because they post when organizations have applications out. Another thing would be going to O day on campus because you can learn about organizations you didn’t even know exist. Valerie feels getting involved is great because you meet some of your closest friends and it also looks great on a resume. One more piece of advice from Val would be to get involved in something that has to do with your career or with what you want to do in life because those people can help guide you in steps you need to take to prepare you for the future. We are so proud of all that Valerie has accomplished and look forward what she will be involved in this coming year.