My Sisterhood Story~ Avery Henson

My name is Avery Henson, and I am a rising senior. I am from Birmingham AL and went to Spain Park high school! I figure skated for 15 years and will always and forever be obsessed with cats :)! My major is apparel merchandising and I'm minoring in business. My whole life I've been interested in

fashion and clothes. Picking out school outfits has been my priority since as long as I can remember! A funny story about my interest in fashion is when I was about eight my mom took me shopping and I picked out several items... every item I picked out either had sequins or marabou feathers on it. Around the fifth grade I actually would spend all my free time drawing out sketches of clothing designs. When it came time to look at schools I looked at FIT in New York and considered other schools but decided Auburn was a better choice for me because not only was it in state and close to home, but its fashion apparel merchandising program was ranked in the top ten nationally. When it came to greek life, I originally didn't know much due to coming from a family who had no ties to greek life. The little I knew about sorority was from my high school peers who informed me on information they had heard about rush and their opinions. This made going through recruitment was a kinda overwhelming. Being instate, I had friends who gave me their biased opinions on the sororities. My first opinion on Pi Phi, was that all I really knew is that not many people from my home town were in it, except my now big, and grand big and a few other girls. I consider my self very lucky to have known those girls in Pi Phi going through recruitment because they truly introduced me and opened my eyes to the amazing sisterhood of Pi Phi. Another ~funny story~ Pi phi stood out to me when I looked back at my notes at the end of the day because whenever I would write about it I would write it as Phi Pi. The girls from Birmingham in Pi Phi, unlike a lot of girls from my hometown, had completely expanded their circle of friends. Being in an amazing sorority with so many different girls from so many different states allowed them (and now me) to get the full experience of college which mostly is branching out and finding your true friends. Preference day was seriously a day I will remember forever. I remember looking around and seeing truly genuine girls. Everyone seemed so at home and comfortable with each other which left me with a huge feeling of excitement. I had never felt so at home especially in Auburn. I have been a part of our greek sing team every year now, and it was a really fun way to connect with some of the other girls in other pledge classes and every year has allowed me to make amazing new connections. I also served as junior Panhellenic my (second half) freshmen year and (first half) sophomore year!! - it was super fun and a great way to connect with some of the other girls in the other sororities! Its really cool because a lot of the girls that were on junior Panhellenic with me are now presidents of their own chapters! What I love most about Pi Phi is the friendliness of the sorority and the diversity. Since so many of the girls are from out of state, we make up a blend of people from all over the country. I remember before rush, a mom telling me that in your sorority you find the girls that will one day be your bridesmaids. I'm proud to say I truly have met those girls and will honestly have the largest group of bridesmaids that any wedding has ever seen because I have that many true, dedicated friends thanks to Pi Beta Phi.