Internship Spotlight~ Katie Lathi

Katie Lathi is rising senior majoring in Supply Chain Management with a minor in Sustainability. She is from Atlanta,GA and served as Pi Phis Health and Wellness Chair her sophomore year which she

thought was really fun. Aside from being a member of Pi Beta Phi, Katie is also a member of Auburn's Supply Chain Management Association. Katie did a six month supply chain internship with Georgia Pacific during spring semester of this year. She worked with the supply chain analytics team and worked on identifying cost savings and process improvements for internal customers, basically what this means she helped the sales teams, customer logistics managers, marketing etc. find opportunities to make changes that would positively impact the business. Katie is now working as a summer intern for Georgia Pacific in their sustainability department. Working with these internships have been so much fun for Katie because was really able to own her role and she was always treated like a full time employee not an intern. Katie had to take responsibility for all of her projects and had to take the initiative to ask questions, and speak up if she believed she was over or under loaded with work. It was a really great experience for her to be able to work with some very smart and professional people that have inspired Katie to continue to work hard and learn as much as she can about this growing field. Katie's biggest advice to anyone majoring in Supply Chain Management or anyone in the business school would be to get to know your professional experience advisors and go to the career fair!! Your advisors will be able to point you in the right direction to employers that you will benefit from talking to. It is so important to make these in person connections, because when applying online you become just another piece of paper. Many resumes look exactly the same and its super important to set yourself apart.