My Sisterhood Story~ Katherine Shepard

Katherine Shepard is a rising sophomore who grew up in Tampa, Florida. She has always been interested in fashion and the design world, which is why she is majoring in apparel merchandising.

She is also minoring in business and global studies. Neither of Katherine's parents were involved in greek life and so she wasn't sure if greek life was for her. When she went through rush, Pi Phi was the first house she ever went into and everyone she talked to made her comfortable with the process and with her decision to rush. She felt that in Pi Phi she had conversations that were more real- one of the girls that rushed her told her wherever she end up was going to be right for Katherine. Whether it was Pi Phi or not, which made her feel like the girls in Pi Phi really cared about her as an individual. So far Katherine has met so many honest and relatable girls, which is crucial because Katherine was coming out of state and it made Auburn seem less far from home. She loves the carefree and fun nature of a lot of the girls in the sorority. Katherine would describe true friendship as someone who takes the time out of their day to think about how others are doing, and Katherine definitely thinks that Pi Phi has a lot of girls with this quality.