My Sisterhood Story~ Julia Rutledge

Hey! I’m Julia Rutledge, I am currently a rising sophomore from Louisville, KY. I am currently in the pre-nursing program in hopes of being accepted into the nursing school next fall, so fingers crossed. I

always knew that I wanted to go out of state for college but had no idea where. I finally between two schools and Auburn felt like home away from home. I knew I had found my fit, and coming to Auburn being in a sorority was something I had dreamt of. I went to an all girls high school so being around another big group of girls was something that I loved and hoped for another sisterhood away from home. I did not know much about recruitment or each sorority when I came to Auburn so it was a very new experience but I’m glad I came in not knowing many people because I truly found where I was supposed to be. Pi Phi. Pi Phi was the first sorority I went to and almost instantly I felt at home and that I could truly be myself. It was a place that everyday I had real and sincere conversations with the girls and knew that the sisterhood I had hoped for was going to be fulfilled by Pi Phi. I have loved Pi Phi since the first day and was thrilled on bid day and everyday I get to talk to my friends from Pi Phi it reiterates that first day and how happy I am to be apart of a great chapter. I can truly say that thus far I have made some of my best friends who will be in my life for the long haul. I have met people who truly made me realize my worth and even when I am stubborn and make it hard to be my friend those girls have stuck with me. We are a sisterhood where I can talk to anyone and know I will be supported. Pi Phi is a place of sincerity and love, and a place I can call home.