Heavenly Highlight~ Courtney Albritton

Courtney Albritton is a rising senior who is very involved on campus. She is involved in three programs that she feels very passionate about: Auburn Mentor Program, Camp Autism Smiles, and Auburn Funky Run for Autism. Courtney was motivated to get involved with the Auburn Mentor Program because she wanted to make a difference in the lives of the children. She knew this organization would also provide great field experience as a future teacher. This mentoring program is

so rewarding and being able to see these children open up and form meaningful relationships was such an awesome experience. Courtney first heard about Camp Autism Smiles her senior year of high school after deciding to major in Special Education. Although students mainly run it from the University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH), she knew it was something she wanted to be involved with because she was so passionate about it. Courtney's first year, she went with a former co-worker and her college classmates and saw how important these times are to the families. She knew she wanted to stay in touch and continue volunteering throughout her four years at Auburn. When the time came to sign up during her freshman and sophomore year, Courtney was able to find other sisters in Pi Phi that shared her passion for working with individuals with disabilities and were willing to give up their weekends and volunteer with her. This spoke volumes to Courtney about the girls in Pi Phi, because she had so many girls reach out to her about volunteering and giving up their own weekends to serve others. The other program Courtney is involved in is Auburn Funky Fun Run for Autism. She was motivated to get involved with this event sponsored by the Autism Society of Alabama, because she had seen a post on the ticket exchange searching for volunteers to help plan the event. Autism is one of the areas that Courtney would like to specialize in while in her graduate program one day, so she was so eager to reach out and get involved for such a good cause. Awareness walks are such a good way to spread awareness and knowledge about so many different causes. This Autism awareness walk really stood out to Courtney because it is one of her passions. Throughout her college years, Courtney has realized the importance of getting involved in many things. College is more than what you see in movies, because it can be a valuable time to branch out, try new things, and get involved with new organizations. Sometimes being in college can feel like you’re living in your own little college bubble. It is easy to forget that there are families, schools, and other local programs that need the help of volunteers. Because Courtney came into college knowing she wanted to be a special education teacher and knowing she loved children, it was relatively easy for her to find other organizations and programs that supported the things she was most passionate about. Her advice for someone who may not know what their future looks like or what they want to major in is to get involved with many different organizations here at Auburn. Auburn hosts so many different groups that support a wide range of interests. Getting involved and volunteering with new experiences can potentially reveal to you what you like or dislike.