Angel of the Week~ Bailey Houghton

Bailey Houghton is a rising sophomore from a small beach town in Massachusetts called Manchester-by-the-Sea which is a 20 hour drive from Auburn. She is majoring in Communications with a minor in Spanish. The three things Bailey could not live without would be the beach, dunkin donuts, and course football! At her home in Massachusetts, Bailey has a job working for a yoga and

pilates studio as a front desk staff! This mostly consists of scheduling classes, helping direct clients to the classes that will be most beneficial to their health goals, and keeping the building organized and making sure it's a friendly and encouraging environment! This has definitely helped Bailey with her intended major and has given her a lot of communication skills and generally boosted her confidence. Coming from really far away, Bailey was really anxious about rush. Nobody in her family had ever been involved in greek life and so she did not know what to expect with the entire process. She thinks this has helped her a lot because she did not go into recruitment with any preconceived ideas of each house before hand so she really went in with an open heart and mind to find her perfect fit. Bailey remembers on the second day of ice water teas she went into Pi Phi and had such a genuine conversation and felt like a weight was lifted off of her because it felt so natural and like she had known these girls forever. Every day Bailey looked forward to coming back because she always found herself laughing and having great and interesting conversations that never felt forced and it felt like she was just hanging out with a bunch of new friends. Bailey always felt so welcome and happy and thats when she knew that she belonged in Pi Phi and had found her home away from home! She found her lifelong friendship here and is so incredibly grateful for all the opportunities Pi Beta Phi has already given to her in just one short year at Auburn! If Bailey could describe herself in three words she would say she's adventurous, optimistic and loyal. Our sisters here at Pi Phi could not agree more on those traits and are so lucky to have an amazing sister like Bailey!