My Sisterhood Story~ Carly Glidewell

Hey! My name is Carly Glidewell and I’m a rising junior majoring in geology. I’m from Birmingham, Alabama, and graduated from Mountain Brook High School. I was born and raised an Alabama fan

but still fell in love with the Auburn campus after some warming up! I have two step-brothers who have also attended Auburn (one is a rising senior this year). I was skeptical about joining a sorority my freshman year. I knew it would be an easy way to make friends, but I didn’t know if I would be able to find a group with a similar personality to me. I can definitely say I’m so happy with my decision to go through recruitment! Pi Phi immediately stuck out to me. I didn’t feel like I had to force a smile each time I was talking to a sister. Recruitment mentally and emotionally drained me, but when I was in Pi Phi it took absolutely no energy to let loose and have a genuine conversation. The thing I loved the most was pref day. Pi Phi was unlike any other sorority I attended. The girl I talked to, Sophie Coppock, could tell it was not my personality to get really deep and cry – just not me. We laughed and joked about the week and talked about how thankful we were to be able to rest and just get to know our new sisters in a laid-back setting. There was no question in my mind anymore. Since I came to Auburn with almost no hometown friends joining me, Pi Phi immediately stepped into their place and the girls gave me comfort in my decision to take another path than my best friends. I could tell right away I was going to have friends for life – we weren’t just going to be friends because we happened to join the same sorority. Within the first semester I felt close enough to these girls to cry in front of them during my low points and act completely ridiculous and goofy during my high points. They filled the void I had from leaving my friends and I feel like I barely skipped a beat. I’m so thankful for my experience so far and can’t wait to find out what other amazing things Pi Phi will grant me in my last two years!