Angel of the Week~ Tatum Balko

Tatum Balko is a Junior but is graduating early in August 2019. Tatum would describe herself as energetic, determined, and selfless. She is energetic because she is always excited wherever she is and

loves living in the present. She likes to be friends with as many people as she possibly can. Tatum

would say she is determined because she accomplished the nearly impossible feat of being accepting into Auburn’s Nursing School. She took 18 hours and doubled up her sciences to be able to apply early. Tatum would also say she is selfless because she is always trying to help others. When her friends call her, she is always there to help and talk through things. She also thinks that is why she chose nursing as her profession. First and foremost, Tatum could not live without her family. Her parents and sister are at all of the Auburn games, wearing pi phi game day pins of course! They push her to her full potential and give her all of the support she could need. Second to her family, Tatum thinks she would die if she couldn’t drink coffee. Third, her sorority sisters are a definite need. They are always there for anything Tatum needs and give her the sweetest college memories. Her favorite year in Pi Phi would definitely be freshman year. She got to dive into a sisterhood like she had never experienced before. Meeting everyone in her pledge class and going to swaps, sisterhood events, and socials was so exciting and fun. Looking back to freshman year, Tatum found the sweetest best friends that will last a lifetime. Because Nursing School is quite demanding and time consuming, most of her time revolves around it. Tatum has the

opportunity to go to clinical in amazing hospitals all around Alabama. She also volunteers her

time around the community of Auburn. Tatum loves Pi Phi because she has 255 girls that have her back no matter what. The older girls guide the younger academically and become great models. Pi Phi has so much to offer it’s members and Tatum can’t imagine what her college experience would be like if she never joined pi phi. Tatum chose Pi Phi when she was going through rush because the girls were welcoming and truly genuine. The conversations were as real as they can get which she appreciates. Tatum feels that Pi Phi pretty much picked her because once she left their recruitment parties, all she could think about was how cool all the girls were and how she could tell they were just alike and she felt at home in their chapter room throughout the week. Running home to Pi Phi on bid day, Tatum knew it was her home away from home in college.