Heavenly Highlight~ Sallie Johnson

Sallie Johnson is a junior majoring in Business Administration from Montgomery, AL. She is involved with Pi Beta Phi and the Auburn University Equestrian Eventing Team. Going through recruitment

Sallie felt so comfortable with Pi Phi and could immediately tell how genuine each and every girl was. When you are first coming through recruitment, especially as a recent HS graduate, you don't realize the impact that joining a sorority will have on you. Sallie has always considered herself to be very independent, but your first year of college can really take a toll on you and she can't imagine what it would have been like without her friends. Not only that, but Pi Beta Phi has been nothing but supportive when it comes to Sallie's involvement with the Equestrian team and the amount of time and traveling it takes to be a successful eventer. It's very difficult to be involved with a sport that often requires her to be gone entire weeks at a time during the school year, but the support group that she has gained through joining this sorority makes it much less difficult. While there are very few "free" weekends, it's a really good feeling to have friends that always are looking forward to her being in town or asking how her competitions went and genuinely caring, regardless of whether she had the best competition of her life or whether things didn't go her way. The Auburn Eventing Team recently just brought home the National Championship which was one of the most rewarding experiences Sallie could have asked for. The team all came together and tried their best, and to come home with a National Championship at the end of the weekend is still a completely surreal feeling that Sallie will not forget for quite some time. Sallie's advice for anyone hesitant about getting involved on campus, is try to give yourself as many options as possible. It's much easier to handle hard situations when you have a support group behind you. Sallie can't imagine what she would do without support from her friends and teammates. Sallie is currently studying abroad in Prague, Czech Republic for the summer and couldn't recommend studying abroad enough. She has already made so many incredible friends and feels it is so worth it to get out of your comfort zone and try living in a different country. Auburn Abroad makes the whole process so simple and it's an opportunity that many of us are unlikely to have again.