My Sisterhood Story~ Emma Raby

Hello! My name is Emma and I’m a rising senior majoring in public relations and marketing. I grew up in Harvest, Alabama, just outside of Huntsville and attended Sparkman High School. My parents

both attended Auburn and I’ve never considered calling any other university home. I’m the oldest of two daughters and my sister will be starting her freshman year at Auburn this fall! I’ve always known joining a sorority would be a good option for me going into college to meet people and have a great outlet to get involved at Auburn. However, I was still a nervous wreck going into recruitment my freshman year. Initially, what drew me to Pi Phi in the first round was all the smiles of the girls’ faces. I know that sounds cheesy but you could tell these girls were genuine right off the bat and they really loved each other and their organization. Throughout recruitment, I found my conversations in Pi Phi to be so easy, it was like I could be real and they would be real right back. I could let my guard down and I knew that this was the home for me. I also met my big during recruitment who soon became my best friend and we’ve been inseparable since. Opening my bid was the best feeling and the most amazing beginning to the next four years at Auburn. Since joining, I’ve made the most amazing friends. Freshman year, we had many pledge class events and it felt like a group of 80 strangers immediately became family. To this day, I feel more than comfortable asking any girl in my pledge class for help if I need it or someone to hang out with and I know they’ll be there. My sophomore year and into my junior year I served as Vice President of Housing and it was a really fun way to be involved with the executive side of the sorority, learn more about Pi Phi and get to know more girls in other pledge classes that I had the honor of working with. I also got the best little sophomore year who is always there for good advice and the best hangs. Pi Phi has given me my roommates who I seriously could not live without. They’re a shoulder to cry on, the ultimate closet and endless amounts of left over food to share. If you know, you know. Pi Phi has given me a lifelong family and connections that will follow me wherever I go. I’ll have a pretty hard time leaving Auburn and going separate ways from the girls in Pi Phi but I know they’re always a phone call or drive away. I’m getting a little sentimental writing this and thinking about preparing for my senior year and last recruitment. Joining Pi Phi was by far my best decision and I would choose the same again in a heartbeat.