Exec Spotlight~ Grace Hudson

Grace Hudson is a rising senior from Atlanta, Georgia, majoring in Communication and minoring in

Spanish and Marketing. She is hoping to end up working in the music business after interning at the Country Music Hall of Fame this summer (fingers crossed). She comes from a family of UGA and GA Tech fans so she is a first generation Auburn student and her little sister is planning on attending South Carolina in the fall. Grace's favorite pass times include watching reality TV with her roommates and slapping on some khakis and working at the Rec. Grace decided to join exec kind of on a whim. She wanted to interview for VPC her sophomore year. She knew she wanted to get involved in Pi Phi and to branch out and make more friends but she honestly didn’t think she'd get the position. Grace is so glad she did end up getting VPC and ended up loving getting to work with the rest of Exec and Panhellenic so she signed up for round two last year. This year Grace is serving as our Vice President of Administration. It hasn’t come without its ups and downs but it's definitely worth it at the end of the day. Grace thinks that joining Exec has helped her to become a better leader and has really forced her to become more organized especially when it comes to time management. This whole experience has really helped Grace figure out who she is and it has definitely made her more aware of the choices she makes. Grace has learned that compromise is key to making a team work and listening to the members and doing your best to be a servant leader to them is what Exec is really about. Our main goal is to help our members and to make sure they know that their well being is our top priority. Grace hopes to leave a positive legacy when she graduates and hopes to encourage our members to work hard to better themselves as well as our chapter as a whole.