Angel of the Week~ Jessie Squellati


Jessie Squellati is a rising sophomore from St. Louis, Mo (a whopping 11-hour drive to good ole aubs

 ☺). She is a marketing major with a minor in industrial and graphic design. If Jessie could describe herself in 3 words it would be loud, happy and kind-hearted. Most can attest to the fact that if she's in a room, you’re probably going to hear her. Some may say this is a blessing, others may say it’s a curse but Jessie likes to look at things with a positive mindset so she's going to say that being loud is a good thing. Whether it be singing 24/7, talking even when absolutely no one is listening to her, saying “funny” jokes that somehow no one ever laughs at, laughing at/with friends, or just blabbing out random sounds, you can probably believe that it’s hard for her to stay quiet. Next, Jessie tries her absolute best to always be as happy as can be. According to most, she is rarely seen without a smile on her face or laughing. She always tries to make everyone that she comes into contact with on a day to day basis a happier human being. Jessie's life motto is “If you’re going to get up in the morning, might as well be fully up and fully alive.” You can wake up and be crabby and find something to be upset about, or you can let the little things go and see life in a happier light. Finally, Jessie believes she is a very kind-hearted person. She will do anything possible in her power to ensure that the people around her feel loved and important. It’s easy make people feel this way when you care so passionately about their happiness so shoutout to Pi Phi for giving her sistas that she would most definitely take a bullet for. Three things Jessie cannot live without are the color yellow, vanilla iced coffee, and Bob Ross painting videos. To Jessie yellow is such an underrated color but she swears it makes her happier just by looking at it. Whether it be her bath robe, blanket, water bottle, favorite dress, computer case, or favorite fruit, yellow is always present in her day to day life. Next, prior to college, she was not that big of a coffee drinker. After many experimental runs to the Student Center Starbucks, however, she has found that her go-to drink is a venti iced vanilla coffee with milk and sugar. Whether grabbing it in between classes, before a long night at the library, or just as midday pick me up, her coffee never fails to make her feel better! Finally, if you have never watched Bob Ross painting videos on Youtube, you are TRULY missing out. While this may sound pretty hokey, each and every day, one single episode of Bob painting helps her fall asleep. Jessie's not even that artistic and his positivity towards art and love for nature just makes her want to be a happier person. Jessie was recently chosen to be a part of the Harbert College of Business Executive Society for this upcoming school year, an organization that gives tours and advertises the Business School as a whole to prospective students and their families as well as alums and other visitors. She is so excited to be able to show off Harbert—a place that has been and will continue to play such a huge role in her academic career at Auburn. She is also on the new member committee this fall, and is so excited to meet our new pledge class. She can remember sitting in those seats learning all things Pi Phi and being completely overwhelmed, but with the help of the new member committee all of her anxieties were put to ease. She cannot wait to be just as much help to the new members coming this fall!!!! Jessie thinks as most girls would agree, recruitment is a week full of constant smiles, endless conversation, fancy water cups, and life-saving fanning sessions to survive the extreme Alabama heat. It’s hard to think that after just 7 days of talking amongst complete and total strangers you wind up getting some absolutely incredible sisters who double up as best friends && a free pass for life-long vacations (thanks to pi phi for giving her friends from all over the country☺). Going through this chapter of life with a group of girls that not only allow you to be your most genuine self but make doing life so much more fun is definitely the reason Jessie loves Pi Phi. It’s cool to have friends yeah, but to have friends that laugh with you, cry with you, study with you, make midnight food runs with you, and are the absolute last ones breaking it down on the dance floor with you is something that she is lucky enough to experience day in and day out. Pi Phi has most definitely made her college experience thus far one that she cannot imagine happening any other way, and she so excited to see what the future has in store! We are so lucky to have a sister who brings laughter, love, and enthusiasm to our everyday life. If you ever need some love, inspirational quotes, or just an ear to listen to you, Jessie is definitely your gal so never hesitate to reach out.




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