My Sisterhood Story~ Mary Meyers Huddleston

Hi I’m Mary Myers Huddleston, I’m a rising Junior from Mountain Brook, Alabama. With the hope of becoming a doctor to find a cure for juvenile arthritis I am a pre-med major. My mother being an

Alabama alum I was expected to attend school in Tuscaloosa. Yet, stepping onto the Auburn campus for the first time I was instantly drawn by it’s beautiful environment and traditions. Coming from Birmingham I was held to the expectation of being involved in Greek life, and I couldn’t be more happy that I did so. The first day of recruitment I didn’t know anything about pi phi, however when I entered the doors of the chapter room I was consumed with the energy and love that the girls had for each other and knew that was the place that I could be me. On pref night I prayed to God, asking him to place me in the sorority which demonstrated his love. Opening my bid on bid day it was obvious that God had done just that. Freshman year, was filled with many struggles. A year prior, I received a life changing diagnosis, and the biggest struggle of Freshman year was still learning to cope with it. When I entered my sophomore year, despite beginning a new Chemotherapy, I continued to work as hard as I possibly could to continue school. I was excited to live on the hall, and to get close to more of my sisters. As school began, my blood counts became too low, resulting in constant infections. Yet, living on the hall, my sisters rallied together, helping me, checking on me, taking me to doctor’s appointments, etc. All of the girls that took time out of their extremely busy lives to help me demonstrated to me the immense amount of sisterhood and love that we all have for each other. Consequently school was too much when coupled with all the doctor visits, resulting in my medical withdraw from in Auburn in the fall. Withdrawing from a school which I loved so dearly, leaving my friends and my independence, continues to be the hardest task I have endured thus far. At first I felt so alone, so lost being back in Birmingham, feeling as if everything was gone from the life I was living. Yet, it wasn’t. I never lost my Pi Phi sisters. Although I wasn’t physically there with them, the girls never left my side. Whether it was receiving, texts, calls, or prayers they fought alongside me. When I joined Pi Phi, I never expect to ever receive the amount of care, love, and support given to me. Being in a sorority continues to be the best gift God has given to me.