Angel of the Week~ Chase Burton

Chase is a rising senior from Birmingham who is an Accounting major with a finance minor. She is graduating early (in December). She describes herself as supportive, open-minded and hard working.

The three things Chase could never live without are her dogs, yoga, and Kroger. If she had to choose a favorite year in pi phi it would probably be her sophomore year because she was no longer a new member trying to get to know everyone and everything and had a lot more time on her hands to be active in the sorority before really getting into her major. Chase is also a member of Beta Alpha Psi member (accounting honor society) and teaches hot yoga at Syklus. She chose Pi Phi because she instantly felt comfortable during rush... and mainly fell in love with the people, everyone she spoke to was so kind and easy going and made her feel like she didn’t have to put on a fake persona. As an added bonus that finalized my decision during rush, Pi Phi gets to be angels, use the pretty colors wine and silver blue, and has one of the prettiest chapter rooms on campus. Looking back now 3 years later, Chase has been able to see everything beyond those surface level observations and can say that our sorority on the inside lines up with what we present to the outside, especially what we present during rush to the PNMs.