My Sisterhood Story~ Savanna Yancey

My name is Savanna Yancey, I am about to enter my sophomore year at Auburn University. I am from

Gadsden, Alabama, a small town north of Birmingham. I was very sporty growing up and played softball, basketball, and volleyball most of my life. I have a pretty big family. I have two amazing parents and two little sisters, one is 15 years old (Sydney) and the other one is 12 (Sarakate). My aunt, uncle and little cousins live just down the road and my grandparents live in the neighborhood right next to ours. I would often ride to my aunt and uncle’s or my grandparent’s house to eat dinner or just hang out. All my life, I have been very close with everyone in my family, so it was very hard to leave home. But, I always knew Auburn was the place for me. When it came time to start applying for schools, Auburn was my one and only choice. I just absolutely loved it and felt at home. When I signed up for recruitment, I didn’t know a great deal about the sororities. The only one I knew anything about was Pi Phi. A few girls from my hometown are active Pi Phis and my mom was also a Pi Phi at Auburn. I told myself all summer that I didn’t want to just follow in my mom’s footsteps. I wanted to find a sisterhood that fit me. During the week of rush, I called my mom after every day of parties and she would ask me “Well which one is your favorite so far” and I would say “Pi Phi for sure” and she would say “I told you, they are awesome!” She was so right! Every time I went into Pi Phi during recruitment, I always had such a good time and felt comfortable with each person. On bid day I was so excited to run home to Pi Phi! After being in the sorority for one year, I have met so many amazing people from all over the country. I have met my best friends and sisters for life. I have gotten close to so many girls, I am so thankful for my amazing big, Amanda Mallory. I am grateful Pi Phi has given me another family, they all mean the world to me. I don’t where I would be without all of these wonderful sisters.