Internship Spotlight~ Morgan and Mackenzie Ammon


Morgan and Mackenzie Ammon are twin sisters who this summer are both working as Event Interns with Imprint Events, a corporate DMC company based in Colorado. Mackenzie and Morgan

 are both currently studying business management, with a minor in entrepreneurship. They are originally from Centennial, Colorado (a suburb about 20 minutes outside of Denver) but toured Auburn after their sister moved to Atlanta while they were in high school. Auburn soon became their home away from home. The twins are rising seniors and joined Pi Beta Phi their freshman year in 2015. They love being a part of a sisterhood that continuously supports each other. If it weren’t for their sisters, the twins feel they wouldn’t have achieved some of the things they have dreamed about for years. Mackenzie chose to get involved in Pi Phi as the points chair and the special events chair, and has found that her experiences in college, thus far, have really shaped her into the woman she is today. Morgan served on Pi Phi’s leadership team for two years and is currently a member of Best Buddies. The twins have a shared passion about swimming. They both currently are swim coaches for the Auburn Aquatics team and a summer club team, Tallyns Reach Tigersharks, back home in Colorado.If you can’t find them near a pool (which is highly unlikely), you’ll most likely find them spending time with their family and friends or with their dog, Maggie! The company Imprint Events, where they are working this summer, is a premier, full-service event group that extends its services not only to Coloradans, but also to those in Las Vegas and Orlando. On a daily basis, the Imprint team takes care of a portfolio of services, ranging from destination, entertainment, and event management to creative design, production, and team building

  activities. In Morgan and Mackenzie's twelve weeks as an intern, they get to experience each aspect within the event industry, all while applying their knowledge and creative ideas to their work. For the first six weeks, Mackenzie is primarily helping the operations team. Then, for the remaining six, she will transfer to the sales side of the company. Currently, as an intern in the operations field, she helps create event timelines and SOS (schedule of services) documents, she manages vendor contracts as well as inventory control, and she goes on-site to events to make sure they run smoothly. The diverse operations team, therefore, brings lots of energy, originality, and unerring customer service to every event they produce. In working under two of the operations managers, Mackenzie has gained so much insight from the team in the past two weeks. She cannot wait to see what the next ten weeks have in store and what she personally can do to satisfy each of her clients! Morgan, currently an intern in the sales field, helps create proposals for clients. These proposals list out venues, vendors, entertainment, food, and décor that make an event come together. She works alongside one of the company’s creative solutions managers, as she teaches her the ins and outs of the event industry and how she makes clients visions come to reality. So far, Morgan absolutely loves it and can’t wait to see what the rest of summer has in store! As an event intern, the twins are taking a lot away from this experience. First off, they have built countless relationships with managers, supervisors, coworkers, and other professionals so as to broaden their network of industry leaders. Doing this, will allow them to reach out again post-college to secure potential jobs and leads in the future. Also, they have gained further knowledge of the event planning field that they didn’t have before. This internship has given them such a pure real-world perspective that they wouldn’t get elsewhere. The hands-on experience shows them directly what these people do on a day-to-day basis, which is so crucial for their understanding if they wish to pursue a career in event planning. Through this internship, Morgan and Mackenzie get to be involved in the behind the scenes experience that they haven't had in past experiences. They have found just how important it is to manage both the sales and operations departments simultaneously. It takes a great amount of creativity, diligence, and patience to make sure an event is managed and run according to plan. So, the twins take great honor in practicing the Imprint team’s core values, like they do through Pi Phi, so they can serve others and deliver strategic solutions through event management. The Imprint team’s dedication to Impact, Innovation, Identity, Integrity, Passion, and Vision has influenced them to be a more responsive, cooperative, and expressive workers. Mackenzie would give the advice to someone looking into the field or an internship like hers is: The event industry is ever-changing, no one day is the same. Event planning allows you to work on a wide variety of projects and, again, no two are exactly the same. Therefore, she would suggest that if you’re looking into this field, you must have an eye for detail, be flexible when under pressure, and have the ability to handle finite deadlines. Although that seems daunting, getting involved with event planning means your job will never be boring! An internship, like this one, has allowed her to always stay on her toes, be more organized than ever, and pay attention to the little things. These attributes will be entirely useful, especially if you’re looking to own your own business one day, like her! Morgan's one piece of advice she would give to someone looking for an internship or job in this field is that you have to be remain focused and organized to get your plan/vision to action. By having a shared vision for an event that others can see and visualize, it makes it 10x easier to make an event all the more successful. Most importantly, time management is key when working in this field. You will be given multiple projects and events that require you to balance various things at once. If you got this down, then any job in the event sector, will come easy! For Morgan, she is getting to that point and absolutely loves watching something that she planned and spent countless hours on perfecting, come to life! Here at Pi Beta Phi we are so lucky to have such hardworking, amazing sisters to look up to. We are so proud of Morgan and Mackenzie's drive and passion about their internship.






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