Angel of the Week~ Hannah Craig

Hannah Craig is a rising senior from Dothan, AL. She is majoring in Human Development and Family Studies with a concentration in Child Life. If Hannah could describe herself in three words it would

be: Outgoing, Spontaneous, and Dedicated. The three things she can't live without in the world would be Diet Coke, her dog, and fellow sister Katie Ryan. A lot of her time spent at Auburn University has been dedicated towards the career path to become a Certified Child Life Specialist. This last semester, she drove to Birmingham once a week to complete practicum rotations at Children’s of Alabama in the Pediatric Intensive Care and Epilepsy Monitoring/Rehabilitation Units. Hannah will be moving to Savannah, GA in a few weeks for another Child Life practicum at Dwaine and Cynthia Willett Children’s Hospital. Child Life is a field that she is very dedicated to and passionate about, and her plans are to complete a 16-week internship in the upcoming spring semester! If she had to pick her favorite year in Pi Phi she would definitely choose freshman year. There is so much going on your freshmen year: new people, new places, new classes, and a lot of life changes. The friends she met in Pi Phi are constant encouragers and always there when she needs them. Having so many chapter meetings, functions, and various events with these group of girls brought her pledge class so close together and that’s when Hannah learned that she never has to be alone. Freshmen year at Auburn was the time of her life with these ladies by her side! It is hard for Hannah to remember anything other than her time spent in Pi Beta Phi during her recruitment experience. All she could think about during this stressful week was when she would be able to go back to Pi Phi and talk to the amazing women she had met before and the moment she could finally get her bid and run home. It’s hard to explain the feeling she had when visiting the Pi Phi chapter room for the first time, but Hannah knew the company she was in was incredibly genuine and loving and that she never wanted to leave. Looking back on all the memories she have shared with the beautiful women (inside and out) in her sorority, Hannah is so thankful to have had this amazing chapter by her side throughout her years at Auburn.